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Programs for future founders.
Demo days of our products.
Life and business frameworks and philosophies.
Community for team members.
See the current concepts and products:
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Browse the upcoming concepts and projects to find one to join

Cool concepts and products. Clear on what each product is doing and what exactly it needs; so you know if it’s suited to your help. Credibility info on progress and team. View stealth concepts if you’re approved for stealth access. Online demo days for concepts and products.

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Optimized for future founders

Internal mixing to help you meet future co-founders. Knowledge dissemination across projects. We paint the clear outcome, you get there with autonomy. Mentorship program to help you launch your own business after you leave us.

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Read our philosophies on life and business

Specific frameworks that answer hard questions like prioritization. Tactics that are immediately applicable. If the info can’t cause success or prevent failure, it’s excluded.

Frameworks for:
Understanding the world
Understanding the tech ecosystem and power structures
What to build
Thriving and attaining peace of mind in life
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Read our manifesto regarding AI tools

A guiding framework for what’s going to happen over the next decade, which things AI will automate next, what the biggest business opportunities are, and what’s important to do for the world to maximize the benefits of AI for humanity. While being empowering and optimistic.

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Apply to see which products you’re a match to work on

Work on a product, work for the studio, or work in one of our public equities or token trading funds. Get a report on our assessment of your skills and talents as part of applying. Get our recommendation on what roles or businesses you're best suited to build with us or elsewhere. Report will show our perspective on how you can maximize your contribution to the world and the wealth, status, time autonomy, freedom, and peace of mind that you acquire through work.

Options for ongoing employment or fixed short-term projects

Some projects need ongoing team members. Others need shorter team members for 1, 3, 9, or 18 month tours of duty with pre-defined success metrics. If you’re best suited to the initial stage, or the mid stage, great – we’ll define your exit milestones up front. You can focus on the phase you want to do, and someone else who enjoys the next phase will join after your phase.

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Build community and work towards your life goals

Oasis for team members to hang out separate of work for pure community building. Roadmap program to help you track and reach your goals in health, wealth, and relationships. Group exercise, sports, and combat sports. Masseuses. The occasional lavish party. Flow state and peace state training. Live productivity coaches that co-work with you to help you maximize every day

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